Agents, assemble!!! New MLS Platform is coming soon!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Please make a plan to stop by the GCAR office on Amnicola next Tuesday, May 21st, for a sneak peek and registration on the new MLS platform from Solid Earth.

There will be two “official” windows at 10:30 & again at 2:30 to get to know the system, but honestly you can stop by anytime after 10:30 for a quick tour of the platform & the registration process.

Bring your laptop or tablet or even your smart phone as the new system adapts to nearly every device! This is not a classroom environment but rather a hands-on launch event with the folks from Solid Earth ready to help you individually.

The MLS as you know it is still a working platform – as a matter of fact, only the search functions of the new service will be available for the first few months, giving us plenty of time to figure out the new system. However, you WILL want to dive into the new technology so that you can see how customers will be searching for your listings on the new

It is a really cool interface and new experience of our MLS data- so please make a thirty minute window of time in your day  to swing by and get registered!

If you have any questions, give me a shout. I hope to see y’all at the Association!



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We know Google Chrome might seem a little scary…

But honestly, there are good reasons for switching to Google Chrome as your default web browser (internet source). It is true that nothing is perfect and there will be a learning curve, but we are here to help you get back on track even more quickly and more efficiently than you previously thought possible!

Please check out The Google Files on Google+, the page is dedicated to providing tips/ guidance on becoming a Chrome user, and will be open to suggestions or questions for future posts. Please feel free to leave comments or questions below, or on the page itself.

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Agents Assemble! Value Added Selling… How to Earn Your Commission!

Virtual Classroom 02/20/13: Value Added Selling….How to Earn Your Commission (with Real Estate speaker, David Knox)


Join Real Estate Speaker David Knox on this important topic. In today’s economy many sellers will be thinking of cutting your fee, so you need to be prepared. You must first deliver value to a level where owners may not even ask..or if they do, it’s a request, not a refusal to pay. This VILT will address the four major skills of handling this challenging situation:

1. Strength: The basics of all value-added selling are a base of principle, profit, and fee integrity.

2. Value: Most customers will pay more if they see the value, so you must be able to clearly describe your points of difference.

3. Dialog: Dialog alone will not overcome a commission objection, but it will help you communicate your value and strength.

4. Net: When sellers focus on an expense, you must direct their attention to the ultimate goal: net equity. The commission is only one component of that. Help them see the others.
As a result, you may actually look forward to your next commission objection!

This session is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 20 at 11 am Pacific Time. Adjust time for your area.

**You can also go to PREA Center and enroll to watch this presentation anywhere!**

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Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey Infographic

Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey Infographic

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February 1, 2013 · 10:52 am

Best of the Best

Congratulations to Prudential Fort Oglethorpe office for winning Georgia’s Best of the Best Times Free Press Award for 2012!

A big thank you to all our Georgia clients, we are happy to serve you!

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Celebrate the career of Ann Dendy, Prudential’s newest Realtor Emeritus!

Join GCAR’s 2013 Board of Directors as they honor one of our own for 40 professional & profitable years.

Thursday, December 13, 6:00 pm.



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It takes some grace and coordination, but when the steps align, magic happens!



One of the frustrations with the transfer of property is the realization that multiple 3rd party entities can scuttle an otherwise straightforward agreement.

Appraisers, underwriters, inspectors, title attorneys and lenders all have different criteria and matrices to judge whether the sale is sound. And their timing in the cycle is vital to success or failure. A good Realtor with a professional demeanor can choreograph the players and processes to mitigate against failure.Image 

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October 19, 2012 · 1:29 pm